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a natural aptitude, impulse or capacity

to feel or sense something


the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not


Our main focus si to produce pieces of jewelry based on your order, following this simple steps:

1. you tell us something that you love to do, share a passion, a person you apreciate or object

2. give us a price range in wich we need to fit 

3. chose your preference of metal (14/18k gold or silver)

4. we draw a sketch or 3D model of our proposal and present it to you

5. you make the payment and your piece will be sent to you!

We are working on a new collection, as we want our pieces to be timeless and worn everyday, so until it will be ready. you can discover our pieces available for purchase available in shop.
 Every piece is handmade to order so please feel free to email us with any specific request. We would be very happy to make any special piece for you.
Atelier visits will be possible by appointment soon.
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